Plastimake Colouring Kit


The Plastimake Colouring Kit is the clean and easy way to colour Plastimake.

  • No mess. Won't stain your hands.
  • Powerful. A few pellets go a long way.
  • Versatile. Create almost any colour.
  • Non-toxic. Contains a non-toxic pigment.

This kit contains 5g (0.17oz) of pigment for each colour: Red, Yellow, Blue and Black. That's enough pigment to colour 1kg of Plastimake per colour!

Simply mix these colouring pellets into regular white Plastimake while it's still warm. Learn more.


  • Australia: FREE shipping Australia wide!
    Delivery time: 1-6 days (most orders arrive in 1-3 days).
  • Rest of the world: $10 Air Mail parcel.
    Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.

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