Plastimake is an easy-to-use plastic that you can shape with your hands.
Make strong plastic items in minutes, no special tools required.
Perfect for DIY projects, repairs, costumes, crafts, prototypes and more.

Plastimake Colouring Kit


The Plastimake Colouring Kit is the clean and easy way to colour Plastimake.

  • No mess. Won't stain your hands.
  • Powerful. A few pellets go a long way.
  • Versatile. Create almost any colour.
  • Non-toxic. Contains a non-toxic pigment.

This kit contains 5g (0.17oz) of pigment for each colour: Red, Yellow, Blue and Black. That's enough pigment to colour 1kg of Plastimake per colour!

Simply mix these colouring pellets into regular white Plastimake while it's still warm. Learn more.


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    Delivery time: 1-6 days (most orders arrive in 1-3 days).
  • Rest of the world: $10 Air Mail parcel.
    Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.

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